“Online marketing” – how is this done? Why is my business running more poorly than before? How should I promote my business using Google Ads (previously: AdWords) or Google Shopping and Co. in a professional manner? Is this even worthwhile? Even though I am quite well acquainted with it, isn’t it time I started working with an online marketing specialist?

If you have been repeatedly asking yourself these kinds of questions lately, then you have just found exactly what you have been looking for!



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Being an online marketing specialist and having several years of experience with Google Ads and Co., I can provide you with support for your online marketing activities. Larger projects or long-term collaboration will be realised by my small SEA-specialised agency “The SEA-Experts

Unlike large online marketing agencies, I will provide you with results in a quick, reliable and flexible manner, without any long-term agreements or other services, which you may not even have needed in the first place.

During our first consultation session or e-mail conversation – which will obviously be free of charge – we will discuss your individual requirements, and immediately start taking the steps necessary  to achieve your objectives. My rates are 100% transparent – see also Bookings & Rates”.

Does this sound like a good starting point? Then let’s look at it together!

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